"Live life gently but with fire."

        Reverend Gillian Porterfield has led a path of healing others around the globe, as her work has connected her with people of all ages, backgrounds and locales. She is an ordained minister and has practiced as a professional intuitive psychic healer since 1982... though her strong connection to Spirit was evident from the start.  

        Gillian helps others reach their authentic selves wherever they are in life, from birth to one's transitional journey to the other side. Though her undeniably genuine love and humor, she guides clients to see through their sorrows to find bliss. The outlets through which Gillian's healing gift manifests are many. 

Psychic Readings & Healings: 

In-person 2-hour sessions include energy balancing, (releasing the negative and bringing in the positive) and removing blocks to allow for the highest creative essence. Each session brings one into present time, raising the personal energy and clearing the chakras, giving a glimpse into the future. This is done by an Aura or Tarot Reading. 

1-hour phone readings, also considered "Psychic Tune-ups," take a look at what is holding you back, facilitates releasing negative energy, and grounds you in present time.

  • Readings and healings are also available for events/parties at an hourly rate. 

House Blessings / Energy Clearings:

In-person. Time varies; hourly rate applies. Includes clearing old residual energy held within the dwelling, and brings energy into the present time. Re-clarifies and re-defines ownership of the space. Welcomes great Spirit into the home, and sets a loving tone for the future. 

Psychic Palliative Care / Final Transformation:

In-person, as needed. Includes assisting patients transitioning into death by soothing their fears and welcoming the light. Gillian aids and assists the patient as well as their loved ones to move into a place of acceptance and general understanding during one of the most difficult times in life. "My personal experience of physically dying and then returning to the body has led me to greater understanding of the bridge between life and death. I am honored to share that knowledge which Spirit has given me." 

Meditation Classes / Guided Meditation:

6-week class schedule coming soon. "Psychic Kindergarten" Includes basic tools: grounding, protection, release, connecting with Source, raising havingness and abundance, and opening the third eye in an atmosphere of fun and magic. Join Gillian to discover the path of your own spiritual journey. 

Recovery Assistance (Addiction / AA / NA):

Reading, by appointment. Clients are guided to a greater understanding of the core situation and the root cause of their addiction, allowing for the release of their history and emotional pain. This results in more clarity, a stronger journey into sobriety and living a more authentic, present life. 

Spiritual Midwifery:

As needed. Rate: sliding scale. Includes assisting the mother while birthing, maintaining complete communication with the baby's spirit as it is coming into the body and into this world. Gillian acts as the bridge between spirit and medicine, monitoring the birthing energy of both baby and mother. She assists an accredited doctor in delivery. 

Officiant for Weddings:

Rate: donation-based, starting at $300. Officiant of legal marriage ceremonies in the state of California. Includes initial consultation and follow-ups as needed, wedding rehearsal, and performs as minister at ceremony. LGBTQ welcome.